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Interview with Kristy Dilworth

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Meet Kristy Dilworth

A passionate entrepreneur and dog lover, Kristy openly welcomes the challenge of a dog owner at their wits end, thinking there is nothing that can help save them from the stress and tension caused by their unruly, aggressive or seemingly un-trainable dog. She equally delights in the process of turning that exhaustion, fear, and frustration into overwhelming joy and appreciation by revealing tools, skills and secrets the owner needs to successfully help their dog learn to be more balanced, happy, and healthy pets.

"Thank you for creating such a great tool to use. I couldn’t afford to have a trainer come to my house so I went searching for an alternative method. I stumbled across the Smart Dogs System and gave it a try. Now Bernie doesn’t destroy things by chewing anymore and he doesn’t knock people over when someone comes into the house. Thank you so much! I feel like I have control again and Bernie seems to be much calmer and enjoying life more."

- MaryAnn L.

"I have a St. Bernard and he used to embarrass me so much when anyone walked outside our house. He used to go tearing around the house and the fence jumping and barking. With only two of your systems, I was able to gain control of not only the jumping, but the ridiculous barking as well. My husband and my kids thank you as well because I'm not going crazy anymore. I have told all of my friends about your system and they can't wait to try it as well."

- Sonja B.

"I have tried out many different tools and courses online, but I love the way yours was set up. It makes so much sense and very easy to understand. It feels like you are just having a conversation with me instead of talking at me. It made me feel empowered and really knowledgeable. My little Sadie is not barking like crazy anymore and now there is much less tension in the house. Thank you for making these. Please make more!!!!"

- Suzanne T.

World-Class Dog Training Programs

Do you want to learn how to turn your misbehaving dog into a well-behaved Smart Dog, with ease and confidence?

I know how frustrating it can be to try and try again, and yet your dog still doesn't behave the way you want it to. That's why I've poured over 20 years of experience training dogs around the world into creating these world-class products for you.

Finally, you can build the relationship with your dog that you've always wanted!

21 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make (& How to Fix Them)

Adopting or buying a new dog? This book will help you to train your dog to be more obedient and well-behaved: a ...

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VIP (Very Important Pet) Membership

Join the VIP (Very Important Pet) Membership to gain exclusive access to monthly webinar trainings and other offers t...

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Online Video Coaching

Want specialized and personalized coaching to shortcut the time it takes to train your dog into a Smart Dog? No matte...

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15-Minute Online Video Coaching Session

Want a taste of the specialized and personalized coaching Kristy offers to shortcut the time it takes to train your d...

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Dog Selection Services

Looking to buy or adopt a new dog but unsure where to start? Want to avoid making a choice that will end up not being...

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