Kristy Dilworth, founder and CEO of Smart Dogs Academy, is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and entrepreneur. At 7 years old, she started her first business walking dogs. Kristy is a certified dog trainer and life coach and loves to conduct lectures, interactive workshops and speak on platforms that let her change people’s lives with their dogs.

She really brings the human-canine connection to the forefront by including her balanced energy and body language process. With extensive training in human and canine behavior, Kristy has true empathy for clients as they struggle with how to control their dog’s behavior. She trains dog owners, dog trainers, groomers, shelter workers and dog lovers (some people call her "The Dog Whisperer"!). Her goal is not only to fix your relationship with your dog, but to bring harmony to the entire family dynamic. 

She is a 2x #1 Best Selling author and has a very successful luxury dog training bed and breakfast along with her elite online training club called Smart Dogs Academy.

Need an expert dog trainer? Looking for your next keynote speaker? Searching for answers to your burning canine-human connection confusion? Contact Kristy today: kristy@smartdogsacademy.com


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